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English Fail Poll #2

Based on the enormous response that I got out of my first poll, I decided I would have another poll. I love reading your comments about how to improve this blog. It’s fun.

Ok so here’s the deal, notice on the last couple of posts how I’ve included a little paragraph before the picture saying what the submitter wrote in the email to me about the picture. It’s like a little backstory kind of thing explaining where they found the photo, what the error is, and why it’s funny, etc. Anyway, the question is, do you like reading them or should I not include them in future posts and just go back to posting just the picture without the backstory? Or should I post them every now and then or whatever? Obviously some people just send in the picture without writing anything about it, so not all posts will have this.

So if you have any thoughts, comments, or suggestions about this topic they would be greatly appreciated. Just start typing away!!

As always, thanks! 😀

Fail T-Shirt

Thanks to Jo, the submitter, who writes, “I saw this t-shirt at Disneyland. The brand is Xtreme something-or-other. It makes me giggle to think that (a) they printed a bunch of copies of this shirt, typo and all, and (b) they managed to SELL SOME. I only wish they’d chosen more legible colors — yellow on grey? They could’ve at least outlined the words in black!”


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