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Catastrophe On The Third Floor

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Chinese Buffet Gone Wrong

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Baby Changing Station Fail

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In The News: Missouri License Plates Error

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Microsoft Word Gone Wrong

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County Commissioner Letter Fail

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You have some explaining to do, Wendy’s.

You’d think that if “quality [were their] recipe” that it would apply to all aspects of the business, including making sure that their spelling and grammar is of quality material.

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EPIC Too Much Information Fail!!!!

This is hilarious and a little disgusting! It epically fails in multiple ways.

Since the image is too big to fit on the blog, my only option was to place a link to it.


Make sure to comment on this post about what you thought of it, etc…

Perverted Fail?

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What’s a vechicle? It sounds funny.

Epic Sign Outage Fail

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Manicure Fail

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Valentine Fail

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Motel Gone Wrong

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Sick Restaurant

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Emo Fail

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Emergency Sign Fail

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Get English Fail Pictures Sent Directly To You!

Just thought I’d update you all that a FeedBurner Feed is now available for this blog! (It’s the orange square button over on the right). Now I know some of you are already viewing this through a feed, but it would be awesome if you could switch to the FeedBurner feed. Some cool features that it allows is the option to digg pictures, save them to, stumbleupon them, or email them directly on the feed. Pretty nifty, eh?

So yeah, subscribe!! (It’s as easy as pie). πŸ˜‰

Here’s the feed url:

Enjoy! πŸ˜€

How Can You Prepay In Advance?

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Any thoughts?

This Makes Me Want To Frown

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Headline Fail


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